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seeka private session using the Internet to tell your future

seek: a self-fulfilling prophesy

seek is a 20 min private session offering individuals a clairvoyant reading generated by the misuse of online search engines. Seated in our custom massage chair and connected to a remote voice on headset, this live experience generates a personal video for each participant--a vision of their future predicted by the Internet.

This project was originally presented at Recess in New York as part of their Session residency, Spring 2015.

seek has been featured in Art in America, ANIMAL New York, Bedford+Bowery, ARTFCITY, and others.


Forty-five anonymous undersides, Seek study #1  |  32x22" edition of digital prints  |  2015

Watermark.mova high definition steam room is a brand hypnosis session held in ten portable steam sauna pods, featured in the 'HOW TO WATER' exhibition at Eastside International, and covered in Art in America, Hyperallergic, WOAH, Creator's Project, CurateLA, and 5 Every Day

RPMa series of energy vortexes

five energy vortexes installed around the city of Pittsburgh, PA

Warning: Visitors with sensitivity to subtle forces may feel a sense of euphoria, enhanced hearing or dry skin as they approach an energy vortex.

This project was created for Open Engagement 2015, in collaboration with The Drift.

The Clouda meal made of foam and air

a 3-course gastronomical experience made entirely of foam & air

This project was originally hosted by Thank You For Coming in Los Angeles, Winter 2014.


groupa corporate team-building retreat

A two-person stage performance using 90 minutes of original music and projected video. Drawing upon conventions of electronic music concerts, spiritual rituals, yoga classes, team-building exercises, self-help seminars and group therapy, this immersive audiovisual experience leads participants through a series of activities designed to generate intimacy, physicality and energetic connection between them. The audience will participate in karaoke chanting, breathing exercises, guided meditation, aerobic routines and more as they progress through our 7 platforms: AGREE - VOICE - CONTACT - DIGEST - ACT - BREATHE - RELEASE

group has been presented at Special Effects, Kelly Strayhdorn Theater’s New Moves Festival in conjunction with VIA New Media and Music Festival, Rhinestone Steel Queer Festival, and TEDxCMU.

group group

I'm Only Nowa euphoric spin

Mount a rotating stand and--by defying speed and your own suspension of disbelief--become eternal.

Your spinning image is projected onto a mirrored surface. A plant captures the light from this screen and converts it into liquid. And all of this is live fed to a retirement community home at 6053 Everlasting Place, Land O’Lake, Florida.

3 Minute Spinan exercise in revolution
3 Minute Spin

a group spin class that borrows from Sufi whirling and Carly Rae Jepsen to cycle through feelings of social euphoria, vertigo and nihilism. (stop bitching and start a revolution)

This project was part of an evening of artist presentations held at the Carnegie International Satellite Space, Spring 2015

Mouth to Moutha technique for long-distance CPR
Mouth to Mouth

a short demonstration for performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation over a cellphone call

This project was part of an evening of artist presentations called Six by Ate curated by Casey Droege, Spring 2012

Object of Particular Significancea sculptural sauna experience
Object of Particular Significance

Participants select one of the faux-marble wrapped objects to hold during a group sauna experience. 

Walk Togethertwo Gazelle home exercise machines

An invitation to take a walk with a stranger. Each walker wears a set of headphones and listens to a synchronized 7-min cardio-meditation. The only thing that can be seen in the mirror is the face of the person beside them.